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Mr.Perryfield: .. they’re jealous because you’re chosen for the role of a lifetime. You’ve been handpicked by God..

Tyler is eight years old. He just got home after a brain surgery and 33 months of radiation treatment and everyday, he writes letters to God to tell Him about his day, about his neighbors and about everything. His letters are regularly picked up by the local mailman, Mr. Finley. However, Mr. Finley was approved for an extended leave and a Mr. Brady Mc Daniels replaced him temporarily.

Tyler was so excited to go back to school. His best friend, Sam, gave him a hat to cover his bald head. But despite the hat, their classmate Alex made fun of Tyler’s head and eyebrows. Because of that, Sam pushed Alex’s face down his plate of mashed potato. As Sam was recapping the story to Tyler’s mom, Mrs. Doherty, she laughed heartily and Tyler felt happy to hear his mom laugh. When they arrived home, Tyler felt sick and threw up on Mr Brady’s, the replacement mailman’s, shoes, who just dropped their bills and took Tyler’s letters to God from the mailbox.

Mr. Brady didn’t know what to do with the letters, so decided to give them to church. The pastor, however, believes that God has a reason for picking Mr. Brady to be the keeper of Tyler’s letters. So, he gave them back to Brady.

Tyler didn’t go to school the following day. He and Sam asked the help of Sam’s grandfather, Mr. Cornelius Peerryfield about what to do with Alex. Mr. Cornelius, in turn, asked the help of Baron Dadushka, who was also himself only with a costume and mustache. The Baron told Tyler that he was especially chosen by God for the role of a lifetime and that he was God’s warrior, but Tyler said he would feel braver if he has eyebrows so, The Baron gave him some.

He got home and overheard his brother Ben complaining about their situation now that Tyler is sick. Tyler ran away but Ben went after him to explain. Tyler told him to write a letter to God and say how he feels and Ben did.

When the mailman arrived, he played soccer with Tyler for a short while while they talked. Tyler asked if he has a son and Mr. Brady said yes, only that, his son was far away and was staying with his mother. He didn’t tell Tyler, though, that his son was staying with his mother because he lost custody for driving under the influence of alcohol with the boy at the back seat of the car. He was sent to jail for that.

Then, Tyler decided to write Alex a letter to let him know he wasn’t mad at him. He asked Sam to give the letter to Alex for him because he would be back to the hospital. While at the hospital, Tyler had visitors, Mr, Brady, Sam and Alex. Tyler showed them the playground and they prayed. When they went back to Tyler’s room, they were told that Tyler could go home. However, the doctor told Tyler’s mom that the MRI results show spots on his brain and that they still need to keep watch.

When Tyler got home, his neighbors led by Mr. Perryfield gave him a Welcome Home Costume Party. But before the party ended, Mrs. Baker had labor pains and was taken to the hospital to deliver her baby.

After a few days, Tyler received a call from Coach Dave asking him if he could play at a match. His mom wasn’t sure it was a good idea but Tyler, encouraged by Mr. Brady, begged his mom until she gave in. Tyler got to play and their team won, but at the end of the game, he collapsed. He was taken again to the hospital and his mom blamed Mr. Brady for encouraging him.

Mr. Brady felt sorry, and when he got home smashed a liquor bottle against the wall. He then started to read Tyler’s letters to God and found out that the letters were about Tyler’s neighbors including himself. So, he decided to give the letters to them. Meanwhile, Sam wrote a letter to God about Tyler and she lay by his side on the bed.

Mr. Brady went to their house to let them know that the mailman, Mr. Finley, was coming back and Mom apologized to Mr. Brady who, in turn, gave her Tyler’s letter to God about her asking for somebody to make her smile.

On the Talent Show, Ben sang a song for Tyler, and Mr. Brady made a speech about how Tyler’s letters gave him hope that he could still make good of himself. Then, bags of letters from Tyler’s school came. Mr. Brady said it was Tyler who did it, that he gave them back his faith in God.

Tyler felt worse and died. Sam dedicated a mailbox for him and said his life was a letter to GOD.


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As soon as I was able to settle down here in the province for a week-long Christmas vacation, I checked my FB account and was very happy to find numerous greetings from my friends and relatives. Christmas really is everywhere and LOVE is all around.


Christmas is really the time that brings family and friends together. Though it is just for one day, the joy and happiness Christmas brings can last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s almost Christmas but I’m not yet done with my shopping. I simply don’t have time. I’ve been off to company outing and might be back late this afternoon. I know there are still lots of things to shop for out there, but, of course, there are a lot of things to consider before buying anything. First, will the recipient like it? Second, is the item of good quality? And finally, can I afford it? I guess other people will agree with me when I say we want to give something to more people, but our budget just isn’t enough for all of them. Good thing there are companies out there that give out discount coupons, like the Personal Creations. To check them out, you may visit and get more for your available budget.

Everybody's Fine

Frank Goode is a retired worker whose former job was to coat telephone wires with pvc. He is so proud of his job because it was what sent all his children to school and made them successful.

Being recently widowed, Frank felt sad that his kids whom he invited to come over didn’t make it. So, in spite of his lung disease and his doctor’s order, he packed his things and decided to go to them for a surprise visit. Since he was not supposed to take the plane because of his lungs, he rode trains and buses instead.

He came to New York, first, to visit David, the artist. He arrived at night, but his son seems to be out. He wandered around and found a painting signed by David and he felt proud of his son who, originally, wanted to be a painter. When morning came and David hasn’t arrived yet, he moved on and left a letter for David under the door.

He came to Chicago to visit Amy, the advertiser. Amy was happy to see him. But when he expressed his intention to stay for a few days, Amy said she had something else to do, he decided to go visit Robert in Denver instead. That ‘something’ Amy had to do was to check out for David, which had been missing for a while now, in Mexico. When Amy’s husband, Jeff, arrived, their son did not attempt to hide his loathing to his father and made an unpleasant scene in the kitchen.

Amy brought Frank to her office and showed him around. She then, took him to the train station where he met her friend, Tom. He rode the train to Denver to visit Robert, the conductor, only, he wasn’t a conductor but one of the percussionists. The father and the son almost argued over his being a percussionist and over his cigarette. Then, when Frank said he wanted to spend some time with him, Robert said he was going some place else. So, Frank just left to go to Rose.

However, because of the time difference, Frank missed his bus and took his chance with a hitch hiker. When he arrived to the train station, he found a guy lying on the floor. He have him money out of pity but instead of thank him, the guy stepped on his medication. He gathered the fragments so that he could take something until he gets a refill.

Rose got worried when his dad was not on the bus, and felt relieved when Frank finally gave him a call. Rose took him to the apartment that she was renting. But as they were going out, Rose’s friend, Jilly, came over and asked if they could look after her baby but was not able to come back and get her, so the baby stayed overnight.

Frank, then, decided to go home. While on the plane, however, he had a heart attack and collapsed. He was taken to the hospital as soon as his plane landed. While he was unconscious, he dreamed of his young children. In his dream, David refused to tell him where he is, he told Amy he knew she and Jeff were not longer together, he told Robert he knew he lied about going somewhere else and he told Rose that he knew the baby was hers.

When Frank woke up, his grown up children were on his bedside except for David whom he learned to have died of overdose.

When Frank got out of the hospital, he went to the gallery where he saw David’s painting. The lady showed him another painting by David which was of telephone wires.

That Christmas, all of Frank’s children came over to celebrate with him and he concluded that everybody’s fine.


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I would like to apologize to my cousins Maria Lourdes, Janet, Ruth Sandra and Grace and to my aunt Nita, widow of my uncle, Dr. Artemio Agustin for offending them with my blog post “A Doctor’s Love’ (which was already removed from the archive).

I sincerely apologize for posting the story of my uncle without obtaining the family’s permission first. Moreover, I apologize for citing things that were based on what I heard from other people. Below is an email from my cousin, Maria Lourdes, to correct all the wrong information with the actual facts.

I want to take this opportunity to let them know that I did not intend to invade their privacy or dishonor my uncle, and I apologize for how my blog post made them feel.


Hi! I just read the blog that you posted yesterday featuring my dad. I think that you did not do us any justice in posting this blog for the world to see. For ethics’ sake, you could have asked our consent before publishing anything regarding my dad.

Firstly, there is no truth to the specific incident that you related about my dad’s chance of going to the US before he met my mom. As you mentioned, you just based it on “tall tales” that you heard from different unreliable sources. Yes, they are just “tall tales” and not founded on the TRUTH. I believe that there is nobody in this world who knows my dad better than us. In our family, we always spend our free time lounging in our family room, talking about each other’s challenges and sharing each other’s accomplishments. My dad so vividly shared every part of his life to us from the time he could recall his growing up years to all his achievements. His lifetime was part of the legacy that he left us. The fallacy that you mentioned in your deceptive article would not have been overlooked by my dad. If there was any TRUTH to it, he would have told us, for the simple reason that it was a symbol of his undying love for my mom. Do you get my point, Kim? Don’t bloggers follow a standard policy of posting only proven facts unless otherwise classified as fiction?

Secondly, my dad never drove an “old battered jeep”. We never had a jeep in all of my life, plainly and simply because, its way out of our interest. We were raised up by my dad who never liked jeeps because he thought they were not classy. I beg your pardon, miss, the only time you will see my dad ride a jeep is when it is the only available military service vehicle in his area of assignment. But, mind you, our personal vehicle has always been a car, the current year model at that.

Thirdly, my dad never had a private clinic just like the “doctors” you know, because my dad is not a conventional ordinary doctor. He is not just a five cents doctor that paid a large sum of money in order to be admitted to medicine proper by a diploma mill college of medicine. It was you who mentioned that my dad topped his board exams. You heard right this time, lady. But, just because you know one fact about my dad does not qualify you to judge him and his motives. He did not end up as a “colonel in the Philippine Army”, like you’re trying to imply that he did not have any choice but to grab the only opportunity he had after passing up your “tall tale US opportunity”. My dad was a Brigadier General in the Medical Corp of the Philippine Constabulary. My dad hated the Philippine Army and he had nothing good to say about it. He belonged to the finest arm of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and that is the Philippine Constabulary. He was one of the well-decorated finest officer during the reign of President Ferdinand Marcos, of which my dad was a part of the core that was loyal to the greatest president. Just one book will not be enough, if I were to enumerate the achievements that he has garnered in his military service. Now, these are the achievements that money cannot buy. The legacy that we (his children) got from my dad is priceless : INTEGRITY, HONESTY, MORAL PURITY and LOVE FOR THE UNLOVABLE. We, his children will never trade these for all the money the world has to offer. He did not have a private practice or his own doctor’s clinic because his love for God and country comes first in his life, and all the remaining love is for us, his family. He loved God so much that he shared in God’s interest, PEOPLE. He did not have a private clinic to make money but wherever he is, that is his clinic. People came from all over the country, friends, relatives, referrals to ask for medical consultation and assistance. He was just very glad to be of service to them. He did not have any specific clinic hours so most of them came in what the world know as “unholy hours”. And, I think the big difference, between the doctors that you know, and my dad, lies in the fact that he never charged anything at all, including medicines. And if the patient needed further medical attention, my dad would even refer them to his close comrades and give them a special recommendation for FREE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.

My dad loved the Philippines and he is willing to give his life for it. This is the very reason why he gave his Medical profession to the military service. Several times, not just once but multiple times, my dad was offered to serve in the US Army with a promise of making our whole family American citizens enjoying all the benefits and he will be given the best position and will be promoted one rank higher…he declined it all for the love of his country. Anybody ordinarily will grab this once in a lifetime offer, but my dad did not want to belong to the ORDINARY. These offers came when US generals saw how my dad served excellently in the Vietnam War. Facing an irresistible offer at the time when he was sacrificing everything in the war zone was too difficult to ignore, but he refused it for the love of the Philippines. Now, is my dad like the doctors that you know?

Kim, what do you mean by “why does he live the way he does”? What do you mean? And this question brings me to another fact about my dad. After giving his love for God and his country, all of his remaining love was smothered on us, his family. He was a military surgeon because if he was a private practitioner, how will we live since he will never charged anyone any professional fee. And, I can shout it to the whole world that my dad served in the military with all HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. He did not get, not even a penny, unscrupulously. However, he gave us the best way of life his paycheck can offer. He sent us to the best schools and he gave us the best luxuries in life. So, for a fact, he did not let an “old battered jeep” bring us to school, but he made sure that we had the latest decent chauffer driven car. We grew up not knowing that there were other jeans beside Levi’s…there were shirts other than Esprit, Benetton and Lacoste…things like that. My dad never denied us the pleasures in life that his paycheck can afford. And this was the very reason that when we got the chance to see the world, we also did not hesitate to give him the best that we can give: a Mercedes car, Florsheim and Bally shoes, Rolex and Omega watches…My dad deserved the best because He has given us the best. Therefore, I don’t know what you are talking about, Kim.

I want to ask you why do you have to write what you wrote about my dad? Why did you suddenly think of him? THE BLOG THAT YOU WROTE ABOUT HIM IS POINTLESS. Kim, my dad is also different from the doctors that you know because my dad is a very private person and that’s how we were raised up. We grew up to be a closely knitted family trained to take care of each other because we did not really get close to any of our kinsfolk. If my dad were alive, he would not also give you any consent to make our family’s life public. WE PREFER TO REMAIN PRIVATE.

By the way, my dad does not measure success or happiness by material wealth or MONEY. For him, money is only temporary and no matter how much you have, it will only last for a lifetime. He believes in focusing on the things that have eternal value, things that you will possess even beyond this life. When he looks at a man, he sees him as a soul who needs God. If he can do anything for this man that will show him the love of God then he has accomplished a great deal. Therefore, for my dad, the more people you touched with the love of God, the more successful a person is. And this principle is the greatest inheritance that he left us. Now, after giving you a brief insight about the REAL Dr. Artemio B. Agustin, do you think he was happy with the way his life turned out?

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About 5 years ago, I suffered from sleeping difficulty. For weeks, I had not been getting enough sleep that eventually led to low blood pressure. I felt miserable.

INSOMINA refers to difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, wakefulness during sleep and early morning awakening. Common factors of insomnia include physical illness, depression, anxiety or stress, poor sleeping environment, caffeine, alcohol or other drugs, use of certain medications, heavy smoking, physical discomfort, daytime napping and counterproductive sleep habits like early bedtimes and excessive time spent awake in bed.

Having insomnia causes dark circles under the eyes, disorientation, fatigue, irritability, posture changes and reduced energy level.

Other people resort to sedatives in order to get more sleep but sedatives do not produce natural restful sleep. Moreover, the user may get dependent to the drug. In that case, the usual dose may no longer work that the user may require a higher dose. Getting higher dose might increase the chance of dependence. Stopping it, however, may cause more difficulty or worse, withdrawal.

It is still best to see a doctor or mental health provider who can evaluate any psychiatric disorder causing the insomnia.

Source: Yahoo! Health

Real Steel

“Charlie: What do you want from me???

Max: I want you to fight for me! That’s all I ever wanted..”

In the year 2020, robots replaced men in the boxing ring. Charlie Kenton, a former boxer, owns such robot. He engaged his robot, Ambush, in a boxing match against Ricky’s Black Thunder and lost $20,000 but did not pay it. Later after the match, he learned that his ex-girlfriend had died and that he had to appear before the court to settle custody for his son, Max.

Since Max’s Aunt Debra was anxious to take him, Charlie talked to her husband, Uncle Marvin, and asked for $100,000 in exchange of the custody, half of which must be given right away for down payment . However, since the couple is about to go to Italy for a vacation, Charlie volunteered to watch over Max for 3 months, after which the remaining amount is to be paid.

Max, upon learning that Aunt Debra and Uncle Martin paid his father in exchange of his custody, accused Charlie of selling him and felt he deserved to have some of the money. Charlie, however, bought a second hand robot, Noisy Boy, with the money and has nothing to give to Max.

Again, Charlie, taking Max with him this time, bet on Noisy Boy against Midas and, with his very minimal knowledge about Noisy Boy’s system, lost. After the game, Charlie and Max went to a junkyard to steal scrap materials to put another robot together. Max slid off the mud into a cliff but was saved when he got hitched on an old robot buried under. Max dug the robot out and took home. It was an obsolete sparring bot named Atom. With Charlie’s friend, Bailey’s help, Max was able to fix Atom to compete against Metro and. He won.

Encouraged, Max upgraded Atom using spare parts from Ambush and Noisy Boy, and activated his vocal command. He, then, challenged Twin Cities for a match, and again, Atom won. The emboldened Max challenged the defending champion, Zeus which was designed by the genius Tak Machido and sponsored by Fama Lemcova, who, prior to the challenge, offered to buy Atom, an offer Max declined.

That night, however, Ricky, whom Charlie owed money, attacked them and took their winnings. Ashamed and remorseful, Charlie called up Aunt Debra to pick up Max with the belief that Max is better off with her. The day ended up with Max hurt about what his father did. Bailey talked with Charlie and told him he was actually doing good with Max and assured him that he is a good father. Charlie went on to Max and asked for forgiveness and told him that he is going to fight for him, which is what Max really wanted.

During the fight between Atom and Zeus, both robots received heavy blows and on the last round, Atom’s vocal recognition was damaged so he finished the fight by shadow boxing, copying Charlie’s boxing moves, something that Max had wanted to see. At the end of the game, the referee announced Zeus still the winner but Atom the People’s Champion, a title which just sounds pretty good to Max.

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No matter how difficult life is, it is a gift worth keeping. It is, however, ironic to see people struggling to make their lives better while other people are so anxious to wreck theirs. Still, living life to the fullest is the best a person can do.

One aspect of life, though, is that it is generally unpredictable, and try as we may to put things in order, we just couldn’t tell what’s going to happen next. It is, therefore, wise to get life insurance, but be wiser and consider various options before doing so. It is best to compare quotes and rates before coming up with a decision. So, try here and then decide.

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For an ordinary person, woman in particular, headache is part of ordinary day. That is why the medicine cabinet is always stocked with pain relievers. However, there are times that pain is not just an ordinary pain, it can be a signal of something worse than that. When that kind of pain is felt, then it might be the time to call for medical attention.

Among such pains are:

  • Severe headache. This is not an ordinary headache but that which feels as if the world is coming to an end. When that is how it feels, it could be brain aneurysm.
  • Throbbing toothache. The nerve could be damaged and the bacteria in the mouth may infect the nerve and spread throughout the body.
  • Pain in the side. If the pain feels like your body is being twisted and it is accompanied by nausea and fever, it could be appendicitis or ovarian cyst.
  • Chest pain. If the pain is accompanied by pressure, fatigue, throat pain and shortness of breath, it could be heart attack.

We feel pain every once in a while and sometimes, we simply sleep on it hoping the pain would go away when we woke up. However, when the pain is out of the ordinary, we may be in for a more serious medical condition that we must act on fast.

Source: Shine

3 idiots

Rancho: Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.

Fahran is a freshman in the Imperial College of Engineering. On his first night, he, together with his room mate, Raju, and the other freshmen were given ‘initiation rite’ by senior Engineering students and it was also the first time he saw an extraordinary student, Rancho, who was able to defy the seniors. Fahran felt trouble when it turned out that the guy is another room mate.

Rancho, however, proved to be a very good friend, helpful and loyal. Despite Rancho’s obvious passion for Engineering and his sanguine nature, however, the school director considered him a bad influence to both Fahran and Raju. With his subjective treatment of students, the school director called the three of them the “Three Idiots.”

But Rancho is far from being an idiot. Year after year, he sits beside the school director during class pictorials signifying his position as the first in class, a fact which annoyed Chatur, another student who is good in memorization and who vowed to see Rancho again after 10 years, to find out who is the more successful engineer.

Besides Chatur and the school director, Pia, a medical student and daughter of the school director himself, also felt malevolence towards Rancho, especially when he called her fiance an ass. But after witnessing Rancho’s chivalric and selfless act of saving Raju’s father from death, her attitude and eventually her feelings for Rancho developed into something special.

Rancho, though feeling something special for Pia could not reciprocate how she feels, a fact known to both Fahran and Raju. So, in one of their drinking sessions, the three idiots made a bet that if Rancho would be able to admit to Pia his true feelings, Fahran will pursue his love for photography and Raju will let go of his fears and face the world courageously. Rancho accepted the bet and on that catastrophic night, he was able to express his feelings to Pia and the school director spotted Raju on their way out of his house after pissing on his mailbox.

The enraged school director threatened Raju to expel him from school, but Raju begged him not to as his expulsion might be too much for his father. So, the school director asked him to incriminate Rancho instead as he was sure they were together the previous night. Raju, quite unable to repay Rancho’s kindness with treachery chose to jump off the building to commit suicide.

Raju lived and Rancho and Fahran, together with their friends and classmates, tried everything to revive him from his state of coma. They succeeded and Raju went back to school in time for the interview with potential employers. Raju, with his changed behavior and attitude, was accepted. Fahran, as promised to Rancho, told his parents his love for photography and his intentions to study Photography in Hungary. In the end, Raju and Fahran expressed their gratitude to their friend.

On the night of the final exam, Rancho, worried about Raju, took Fahran to the school director’s office and together, stole the test to give to Raju, but Raju refused. The school director discovered the theft and rushed to the three idiots’ room and saw on the floor the copy of the test that Raju crumpled, he expelled them on the spot.

On their way out of school, the three saw Mona, the school director’s daughter, suffering from labor pains and could not be taken to the hospital because of the flood. They took her to the recreation center of the school and, with his invention and compassionate nature, Rancho delivered the baby.

Their graduation day was the last time they saw Rancho as he disappeared and was never seen nor heard of again, until Chatur, while setting an appointment with the most revered scientist Pungsukh Wangdu, saw him on his secretary’s picture. So, together with Chatur and Raju, hunted for Rancho and went to his home, only to find out that the Rancho they knew is not that real Rancho but Chotte, the son of a gardener. Fahran and Raju also found out that Chotte studied in Rancho’s place so that the real Rancho will earn a degree and Chotte will learn about engineering.

With this discovery, they continued their journey to find their friend and along the way thought of Pia whom they know is still in love with Rancho. They arrived in her house just in time for her wedding. She went with them, however, and left her fiance.

The address they found is of a school, a school of invention and of various things they were sure Rancho would think of doing. There, they found Millimeter, a former errand boy, who showed them Fahran’s book of Photography which Rancho collects, Raju’s blog which Rancho always reads and Pia’s helmet which Rancho stole and told them how much Rancho misses them.

Rancho was surprised to see Pia driving towards him in bridal dress and was surprised more to see his old friends who came to see him. Most surprised of all was Chatur when he found out that Rancho is Pungsukh Wangdu, the scientist he has been closing up a deal with for a year now.



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