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3 idiots

Rancho: Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.

Fahran is a freshman in the Imperial College of Engineering. On his first night, he, together with his room mate, Raju, and the other freshmen were given ‘initiation rite’ by senior Engineering students and it was also the first time he saw an extraordinary student, Rancho, who was able to defy the seniors. Fahran felt trouble when it turned out that the guy is another room mate.

Rancho, however, proved to be a very good friend, helpful and loyal. Despite Rancho’s obvious passion for Engineering and his sanguine nature, however, the school director considered him a bad influence to both Fahran and Raju. With his subjective treatment of students, the school director called the three of them the “Three Idiots.”

But Rancho is far from being an idiot. Year after year, he sits beside the school director during class pictorials signifying his position as the first in class, a fact which annoyed Chatur, another student who is good in memorization and who vowed to see Rancho again after 10 years, to find out who is the more successful engineer.

Besides Chatur and the school director, Pia, a medical student and daughter of the school director himself, also felt malevolence towards Rancho, especially when he called her fiance an ass. But after witnessing Rancho’s chivalric and selfless act of saving Raju’s father from death, her attitude and eventually her feelings for Rancho developed into something special.

Rancho, though feeling something special for Pia could not reciprocate how she feels, a fact known to both Fahran and Raju. So, in one of their drinking sessions, the three idiots made a bet that if Rancho would be able to admit to Pia his true feelings, Fahran will pursue his love for photography and Raju will let go of his fears and face the world courageously. Rancho accepted the bet and on that catastrophic night, he was able to express his feelings to Pia and the school director spotted Raju on their way out of his house after pissing on his mailbox.

The enraged school director threatened Raju to expel him from school, but Raju begged him not to as his expulsion might be too much for his father. So, the school director asked him to incriminate Rancho instead as he was sure they were together the previous night. Raju, quite unable to repay Rancho’s kindness with treachery chose to jump off the building to commit suicide.

Raju lived and Rancho and Fahran, together with their friends and classmates, tried everything to revive him from his state of coma. They succeeded and Raju went back to school in time for the interview with potential employers. Raju, with his changed behavior and attitude, was accepted. Fahran, as promised to Rancho, told his parents his love for photography and his intentions to study Photography in Hungary. In the end, Raju and Fahran expressed their gratitude to their friend.

On the night of the final exam, Rancho, worried about Raju, took Fahran to the school director’s office and together, stole the test to give to Raju, but Raju refused. The school director discovered the theft and rushed to the three idiots’ room and saw on the floor the copy of the test that Raju crumpled, he expelled them on the spot.

On their way out of school, the three saw Mona, the school director’s daughter, suffering from labor pains and could not be taken to the hospital because of the flood. They took her to the recreation center of the school and, with his invention and compassionate nature, Rancho delivered the baby.

Their graduation day was the last time they saw Rancho as he disappeared and was never seen nor heard of again, until Chatur, while setting an appointment with the most revered scientist Pungsukh Wangdu, saw him on his secretary’s picture. So, together with Chatur and Raju, hunted for Rancho and went to his home, only to find out that the Rancho they knew is not that real Rancho but Chotte, the son of a gardener. Fahran and Raju also found out that Chotte studied in Rancho’s place so that the real Rancho will earn a degree and Chotte will learn about engineering.

With this discovery, they continued their journey to find their friend and along the way thought of Pia whom they know is still in love with Rancho. They arrived in her house just in time for her wedding. She went with them, however, and left her fiance.

The address they found is of a school, a school of invention and of various things they were sure Rancho would think of doing. There, they found Millimeter, a former errand boy, who showed them Fahran’s book of Photography which Rancho collects, Raju’s blog which Rancho always reads and Pia’s helmet which Rancho stole and told them how much Rancho misses them.

Rancho was surprised to see Pia driving towards him in bridal dress and was surprised more to see his old friends who came to see him. Most surprised of all was Chatur when he found out that Rancho is Pungsukh Wangdu, the scientist he has been closing up a deal with for a year now.



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