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Savannah Hardin was a nine year old girl in Alabama who allegedly died after being forced to run for three hours by her grandmother and stepmother as punishment for lying about eating a candy bar. She was found to be dehydrated after the run which caused her death.

The flower represents her budding but very short life. May she rest in peace..


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I learned to play the guitar when I was twelve years old. My brother was fourteen at the time and we were so thrilled when our father came home with an old guitar from our uncle. Our father taught us a few songs but it was from a battered chord chart where we learned how to play various chords used in songs of our generation.

Since then, we came to be known as a family that plays music. Needless to say, all of us can sing. But as an honor student, playing music was only third in my priorities, studies came first, choir singing next, then my music. My brother’s priorities were different. Music was everything to him, and he became a member of the band.

As a mother, I secretly want my children to be musical just like me. So, when my eldest turned twelve, I bought an acoustic guitar for her to practice with. Then, my brother lent us his old keyboard. Sadly, my eldest was not so musically inclined so, the instruments were kept laying somewhere.

When my middle child got a little older, she showed interest in music and so is my youngest. Now, I am thinking of getting a bass guitar and maybe one of those drum sets for kids.

Music is the language of the soul. It soothes our deepest hurts and expresses our strongest emotions and I want my children to experience that magical feeling that only music can give.

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In 2009, astrophysicist, Dr. Satnam Tsurutani in India informed geologist, Dr. Adrian Helmsley about the biggest sun eruption that happened very recently which caused significant increase in the Earth core’s temperature. Dr. Helmsley went directly to the White House and showed the report to the President’s Chief of Staff, Carl Anheuser.

After a year, President of the United States, Thomas Wilson, met with other world leaders to make preparations in order to save humanity by constructing arks at the Himalayas. A Buddhist monk, Nima was evacuated while his brother Tenzin worked in the arks. As additional funding, tickets to the arks were sold to private citizens for €1 billion per person.

In 2012, fiction writer and part-time limousine driver to Russian billionaire Yuri Karpov, Jackson Curtis, picked up his children, Noah and Lily, from his ex-wife, Kate’s boyfriend, Gordon’s house. He took them camping to the Yellowstone National Park only to find out that the lake already dried up and that a military headquarter was put up. They were taken to the headquarter and Jackson was recognized by Dr. Helmsey who read his book Farewell Atlantis. On their way from the headquarter, they were stopped by Charlie Frost, a science conspiracy theorist who has his own radio talk show, and asked them about the military activity. That night, Charlie told Jackson about the 2012 phenomenon and even about a map, where arks were being constructed, in his possession.

Jackson and his children arrived home right after a bad earthquake. Seeing his employer Yuri Karpov and his two sons getting on an airplane, Jackson became suspicious and rented a Cessna 340 and called Kate to get the children ready as he was picking them up. Earthquake shook the city even before Jackson came. They were able to go away with Gordon flying the Cessna. Jackson decided to go back to Yellowstone to get the map from Charlie. Charlie died from a blast while Jackson made it with his family and got the map from Charlie’s van.

As the officials from the White House were starting to leave, the President preferred to stay to address the nation. He was eventually killed when a megatsunami smashed the USS John Kennedy against the White House.

Jackson and his family landed in Las Vegas in search of a larger plane that will take them to China where the arks were. They met Yuri, together with his two sons and his girlfriend Tamara, who couldn’t leave in absence of a co-pilot. Jackson volunteered Gordon and they all left in an Antonov 500. They crashed in China where the pilot was killed. They were found by the People’s Liberation Army. Yuri presented his ticket and he and his sons were taken to the arks. Jackson, his family, Gordon and Tamara were left. They were walking their way when they were picked up by Nima who was riding on a truck with his grandparents.

When they arrived at the gate, Kate begged Tenzin to take her children to the arks that they may be saved. Tenzin took all of them and helped smuggle them into the ark. Meanwhile, passengers who bought tickets to the arks, including Yuri and his sons, were having a hard time getting on. When Dr. Helmsley learned of this, he pleaded to the world leaders to let the people in and the leaders took his side. The gates were opened causing Jackson and Tenzin to be trapped at the hydraulics chamber while Gordon was crushed by the gears. The malfunction caused the gate of the ark to remain open, so water got in at the first impact and the entire ark got adrift.

Dr. Helmsley and the first daughter, Laura Wilson, went out to help Jackson. Aware of the jammed gears, Jackson went back to the hydraulics chamber followed by Noah who helped him by holding the light steady. They were able to remove the cable that jammed the gears and the engines of the ark were finally able to start.

The arks travel towards the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa as Jackson got reunited with his family and Dr. Helmsley started a relationship with Laura Wilson.

I love coffee! I love it black and with cream. I know it sounds exaggerated but I couldn’t function very well if I don’t have coffee at the beginning of each day. It seems like coffee is something that conditions my mind to be in its fullest capacity. Nothing beats the aroma of hot coffee freshly poured from the coffee maker. And if there is something wrong with the coffee maker, it can easily be fixed by browsing for bunn replacement parts from the internet, and the happiness continues.

Life is like a cup of coffee. We have to enjoy every single drop of it.

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These simple rules will help me and several other people I know. Well, keeping my fingers crossed on this.

1. Have a fatty snack 10 to 30 minutes before your meals.

  • You remain fuller longer

2. Start your meal with a salad.

  • It soaks up starch and sugar

3. Have some vinegar.

  • It slows the breakdown of starch into sugar.

4. Include protein with your meal.

  • You won’t secrete as much insulin.

5. Eat lightly cooked vegetables

  • You digest them more slowly.

6. Have a glass of wine with dinner.

  • Your liver won’t produce as much glucose.

7. Eat sweets for dessert only.

  • All the reasons above.

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In 1958, 15 year-old Michael Berg got off the tram he was riding on his way home. He was feeling very sick that he vomited on the street. He stopped and while he was sitting down, a woman arrived and helped him go home. Michael contacted scarlet fever and stayed in bed for three months.

When he got better, he told his mother about the woman who helped him. Later, he found the place where the woman found her and went up to her apartment with some flowers for her. The woman was preparing to leave for work and asked Michael to wait for her in the hall while she get dressed. From the hall, Michael learned that the woman was a tram conductor and as he peeped through the door, he saw the woman putting on her panty hose. Michael got scared and ran away.

However, he came back. The woman asked him to fetch some coal and he dirtied himself along the process. The woman ran him a bath and seduced him and they made love. Michael decided to go back to school so that he could go and visit the woman, Hanna Schmitz, to her house every day. Eventually, Hanna asked him to read a book to her. Michael enjoyed reading to her as much as she obviously enjoyed being read to. Michael genuinely got smitten to Hanna that he sold his stamps collection just so they can have a cycling holiday together. After the holiday, though, Hanna was promoted to a desk job and had to move. She did move without telling Michael.

After eight years, Michael saw Hanna again. Michael was a law student observing a court trial where Hanna was one of the defendants. Hanna was accused to be in-charge of an extermination camp in Auschwitz where, in 1944,  three hundred women were locked in a church to die, but in which a girl and her mother survived and wrote a book about their experience in the camp. Her co-defendants made an allegation that Hanna was the one who wrote the report the court held as evidence. To find out whether it was really she who made the report, Hanna was asked for a sample of her handwriting. It dawned on Michael that Hanna could neither read nor write. However, Hanna, presumably ashamed to admit that she was illiterate just told the court that it was she who wrote the report.

Michael told his teacher that he had a piece of information that might help the defendant, only that the defendant seemed to choose to keep that information secret because she was ashamed. He, then, made a visit to Hanna but changed his mind and turned back. Hanna was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for her admission of writing the report.

After ten years, Michael, together with his daughter Julia, came home to visit his mother. He told him that his marriage didn’t work out. Moreover, he took his old books that he used to read to Hanna, The Odyssey, The Lady with The Little Dog, etc. Then, he started to read aloud just like he used to do to Hanna and recorded his voice and sent the tapes to Hanna in prison. Hanna went to the prison library and took the book The Lady with The Little Dog. Guided by Michael’s recorded tapes, Hanna taught herself to read and write, that after four years, Michael received a letter from Hanna thanking him for the tapes he sent. Michael continued sending her more but never wrote to her.

Then in 1988, Michael received a call from the prison to inform him that Hanna will be released very soon, and that he was the only person Hanna got in touch with. Michael finally visited her and Hanna saw him again after thirty years. He told him of his plans for her release, that he found a house for her to live and someone to help her get a job. Hanna thanked him but noticed how distant he was. He asked her if she had been thinking about the past, in which Michael was referring to her being a guard in the extermination camp. Hanna thought at first that Michael was referring to himself, but realizing his point answered abruptly that no she never had to. Michael left and promised to pick her up on the day of her release.

Michael, however, did not see her alive again, for she hanged herself before her release day. She left a message for Michael to give all the money she got including what she had in the bank to the girl who survived at the camp. Michael found the girl, Ilana, and for the first time Michael talked about his affair with Hanna when he was very young. Ilana, now an old woman, herself, however, did not want the money Hanna left, so she let Michael decide what to do with it. Michael suggested to create an organization for adult Jewish illiterates and asked if it can be named after Hanna Schmitz.

Seven years after Hanna’s death, Michael took her daughter Julia to the cemetery where Hanna was buried and was finally able to uncover his secret to his daughter.

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

My brother is so hardheaded. Even after his roommate’s car got broken into in the driveway he didn’t seem to see the need to look into ATL home security even when I told him I’d pay for it. I think he’s just one of those kids who thinks the bad things won’t happen to him and of course I know that’s not true. Crime around here is often random and of opportunity…like an unlocked car sitting in a driveway. I love my brother but he’s so stubborn that sometimes it makes me want to throw up my hands and tell him to have it his way. I know that’s not the right thing to do as his big sister, though, so I need to keep trying with him to make sure I’ve got him protected. It’s my job since our parents aren’t around and I know they would appreciate all I do for him if they could see us, you know? My parents are probably looking down on us thanking me for all my help!

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I was born in 1974 and I was already in grade school when Michael Jackson wrote and sang (together with other popular artists) We Are The World for the children of Africa. I was one of the several students to dance Body Rock by Maria Vidal, She Bop by Cindy Lauper, Material Girl by Madonna, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by WHAM, Like a Canon Ball by the Menudo and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

I was one of those who fell in love with Stephen Bishop’s It Might Be You, James Ingram’s Whatever We Imagine, Chicago’s Glory of Love, Spandau Ballet’s True, David Pomeranz’s Got To Believe in Magic, Fra Lippo Lippi’s Beauty and Madness, Tifanny’s All This Time, Debbie Gibson’s Lost in Your Eyes and a lot lot lot more.

But among those famous stars, my favorite of all time has always been WHITNEY HOUSTON. Among her songs that I loved with all my heart are:

  • All At Once
  • Saving All My Love For You
  • All The Man That I Need
  • How Will I Know
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • Greatest Love of All
  • Didn’t We Almost Have It All
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • One Moment in Time
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Run To You
  • Miracle
  • I Believe in You and Me
  • When You Believe
  • On My Own

Those are the songs I know by heart and at some points in my life, I sang myself accompanied by the guitar, the multiplex or the now more popular videoke. I love her songs as much as I love her voice.

So, I felt so sad when I read from the internet that she already passed away. I just think that she’s still too young to go and that she can still sing beautiful songs.

But wherever she is now, may she rest in peace..

Late last year, I had the honor of being the tutor of a co-blogger. What honored me was that she, though a lot younger than me, was making much more than I do. I could say, I was in awe of the young woman who was in her seventh month of pregnancy. That she knows more about blogging is one thing, that she was really into maternity fashion was another. I just love looking at her getup the moment she steps into the center looking so cool as if pregnancy is one thing that makes a woman pretty and tough.

Now, why hadn’t I thought of that when I was pregnant myself?

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The moment I felt my nose, as in the inside of the nose, itched, I knew I had it. I have a cold that makes my head ache, that gives me a stubborn sneeze that couldn’t decide whether it would come out or not, that gives my throat a strange sound and feel. Oh yes, I really have COLD and I hate how it makes me feel.

Anyway, I did some research on COMMON COLD and here is a list of what I found: (Source: WomansDay)

  • 1. It takes about 48 hours to infect you and make you sick. It takes about two days for a cold to embed into the lining of your cells and produce symptoms.
  • 2. The best cold-fighting weapon may be your tennis shoes. The best way to protect yourself isn’t with a pill, but by breaking a sweat.
  • 3. Late nights could be contributing to your sniffling and sneezing. If you sleep fewer than seven hours, you’re three times more likely to catch a cold, say researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 4. A tall glass of orange juice isn’t a cold cure-all. A major review of more than 30 studies conducted by researchers at Australian National University and the University of Helsinki say that for the majority of people, vitamin C does nothing to prevent or reduce the symptoms of a cold
  • 5. There’s a flower that may help fight cold viruses. You’ve probably heard of echinacea, a plant with a stunning pink flower, which is believed to help boost the immune system.
  • 6. A cold virus could make you fat. Kids who had been infected by adenovirus 36, a common cold virus that causes typical cold symptoms and sometimes gastrointestinal issues, were, on average, 50 pounds heavier than children who hadn’t been infected by the strain, suggesting that a viral infection may cause excess weight gain.
  • 7. Hot drinks can help zap the symptoms of cold viruses. According to a study published in a recent issue of the journal Rhinology, researchers in England say that simply sipping a hot beverage can provide immediate and sustained relief from your worst cold symptoms, like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and fatigue.
  • 8. An ingredient found in breast milk can make you feel better fast. A derivative of lauric acid, monolaurin, is a fatty acid found naturally in breast milk. It is known to decrease symptoms of the flu and fatigue.
  • 9. The average person gets 200 colds in his or her lifetime. While children typically get between four and eight colds per year, older people get a break from them. Experts believe this is due to the fact that most elderly people have already been exposed to the majority of cold viruses circulating.
  • 10. Colds are really not that contagious. Colds are not very contagious, and most colds are caught at home from kids and partners from prolonged and close contact.

Article Source: WomansDay

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